Posted by: marilynshowalter | July 11, 2007

The Marathon Runner and the Couch Potato Both Add Time to Their Records

Repeating the theme that everyone’s rates are going up, so don’t bother making distinctions between regulated and deregulated states, EPSA has provided some desperate examples. “Recent rate cases prove what EPSA has been saying for months – electricity rates are rising in all regions of the country, whether restructured or vertically-integrated,” says EPSA, citing pending rate cases in the regulated states of Georgia, Virginia, and Idaho.

Ignoring the point that these are rate-increase requests, not decisions of a regulatory body, EPSA’s spins percentage increases in low-cost states as somehow comparable to increases in restructured states. Take, for example, Idaho, whose rates have recently decreased and which now has the lowest rates in the country. Citing Idaho for an anticipated increase is like faulting a marathon winner for adding a few seconds to her new time, and implying it is “equal” to the couch potato’s addition of several minutes to an already sluggish performance.

Here are Idaho’s rates, compared to rates in the deregulated states:

Idaho v Deregulated States

And here are Georgia’s:


And Virginia’s:


In for a penny; in for a pound? As a consumer, I’d rather pay the penny.

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