Posted by: marilynshowalter | July 2, 2007

A Contrario

Urging the U.S. to “mature” on its inevitable path toward less regulation, Utilipoint author Ethan L. Cohen asserts:

Retail competition in the electric and gas markets is ipso facto the acknowledged driver behind wide-scale utility attention to customers, customer service, and improvement of service delivery.

Well, ipso facto (“by the fact itself”), consumer satisfaction has “fallen off substantially,” according to the most recent J.D. Power survey of residential users (July 2006). Customer satisfaction ranks highest, however, in the Southern and Western regions, which largely have not deregulated. Moreover, two public-power utilities, Salt River Project and Sacramento Municipal Utility District, enjoy the very highest customer satisfaction in the country.

Ipso facto, exceptis excipiendis (“excepting what is to be excepted”).

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